The beauty of the land

A fast and easy way to sell land and timber!

We Buy Land And Timber was created as a resource to provide a quick and easy way for buyers and sellers to connect. It was started by a group of investors, realtors, and timber buyers from across the country. We saw a need for ordinary people and developers to sell their land and/or timber and get their money fast. This network has grown larger than we could have ever expected.

We have the ability to evaluate and to purchase property or timber quickly. To the seller, this is a huge advantage because in a matter of minutes, you can submit your land or timber to potentially thousands of investors and timber buyers nationwide - at no cost to you.

Harvested timber

We are interested in purchasing any and all types of land, including timber land, swamp land, farm land, hunting land, commercial or residential development land.

We Buy Land and Timber will present your land or timber to our investors at no cost to you. If you would like your land or timber evaluated, call Steve Dana at 910-690-5800.

Although our website is under construction, we are ready, willing and able to help you reach your real estate goals! Call us today!