3 Quick Strategies to Make Your Land Easier to Sell

Land Sold!

Land Sold!

If you really want to sell your land, here are 3 quick strategies to make it easier to sell your land:

1.  Pricing your land correctly.  You need to compare the prices of similar properties in your local market to get a good understanding of how much your land is worth to a potential buyer.  Sites like Realtor.com and LandWatch.com can help get you started on a bit of research about the prices of similar properties.

2.  Price your land under the market.  In other words, set the price for your land below the price of recent sales in your market.  Buyers are always looking for a deal and if they perceive that your property is priced below similar properties, they are more likely to act quickly.

3.  Offer owner financing.  Due to the current banking climate, potential buyers are having a difficult time obtaining financing from banks.  To get more potential buyers and to quickly sell your land, offer financing for part of the sales price.

If you are interested in selling your land, contact us today for more information.

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