3 Quick Strategies to Prepare your Land for Sale

a great looking piece of land is easy to sell

A clean, great looking piece of land is easy to sell!

So…you want to sell your land?  There are three things to do in order to prepare your land for quicker sale include:

1.  Clean up your land.  Help buyers see the potential in a property by cleaning it up.  Things such as burning or clearing piles of brush; removing old fences; regrading any driveways or roads into the property.  Most buyers don’t have a lot of imagination.  Make it easy for them to see the property in it’s best light.

2.  Mark the boundaries.  Most people want to know what they are buying when they are looking at a property.  Mark the corners and show the property lines so the buyers can see what they are getting.  If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, then hire a surveyor.  The time and effort will be well spent.

3.  Know your property.  Buyers will ask you many questions about your property so be knowledgable about it.  You need to know the answers to questions about zoning, the location of nearest utilities such as power, how deep are drilling wells in your area,  location of nearest store.

Following these strategies will make your land more attractive and help bring you quicker offers.

If you are someone who is ready to sell your property, contact us today for more information on selling your land.

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